Peace Harmony Development. Ahinsā Anekānta Aparigraha in Jainism

Rampant erosion of our environment and natural resources due to aggressive consumerism based development, violence in the form of terrorism, wars; religious fanaticism, political ideologies, exploitation and corruption all around are serious challenges facing the people of the world.  In all

Jain Diet

1.0  Introduction: Jain term for food is āhāra. Recent literature also uses the term bhojana also. Āhāra is the taking in or absorption ( and not eating) of the matter fit for the three kinds of bodies (1. gross or physical body of human, animals and vegetation kingdom; 2. the transformable body of the celestial and infernal beings; and 3.

Introduction to Non Voilence Communication

At the Dharma Summit religious leaders will explore the meaning and application of Dharma in the present times where fragmentation is so prevalent.  The word Dharma literally means ‘that which holds together’ or ’sustains a being’. It includes religion, but it is much more. It is a combination of rule of law, duties, laws of being, the principles & forces which sustain a being and the path of righteousness. Every action, thought or speech that sustains growth and promotes harmony is part of Dharma.

Kşmāvāņi Parva. Festival of seeking and giving forgiveness

Fed up of hearing and experiencing the ills of terrorism, war, anger and hatred in your world. Welcome to the world of forgiveness and join us in understanding and expressing the same on Kşmāvāņi Parva, celebration of seeking and giving forgiveness. Just imagine if Bush and Osama can forgive each other and start a new life. Or take a look at your own life. How much time and energy do you spend in taking revenge from someone who has done some (or perceived to do some) harm to you?