Report of Seminar on Determinism in Śramaṇika Traditions

  • Dated 15 Jan 2018
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We see diversities in all walks of life around us. In the process of understanding these diversities, so many questions arise in our mind and one of the important questions is as how our life is regulated. Are we regulated by destiny or niyati or prārabdha? Or we are regulated by our own free…

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Report of ISSJS.2018 - Winter Program

  • Dated 04 Jan 2018
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This is the first Winter Program in Ahmedabad after successfully conducting 14 Annual Summer Schools in India and two in Bangkok. This program was conducted at Preksha Dhyan Academy, Koba, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Ahmedabad is known for a large Jain cultural imprint, seat of finest academic…

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