ISSJS.2022-Teaching for Peace

This three weeks is designed for K-12 teachers, educators who wish to integrate practical nonviolence into their lives, classrooms and schools. This program is based on experiential learning, summarized by the acronym, L.O.V.E. Learn in the classroom, Observe all over, Visualize or contemplate, and Experience.

Intensive course work entails morning lectures, afternoon discussions, field trips to institutions practicing nonviolence, such as schools and businesses, interactions with people who live a nonviolent lifestyle, as well as conversations with learned scholars. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to develop new ideas and add breadth and depth to your curriculum through collaboration with like minded, enthusiastic colleagues. If desired, participants may do additional coursework to earn three graduate credits.

Class size
       Places of stay   
July 11-31, 2022
Delhi, Jalgaon and Pune
US $550

For earning 3 credit units, you don't have to pay any additional fee. However there is a surcharge of US $25 in case your university wishes us to courier the official transcript directly. Click Here for Credit Units and Grade System.

What you will learn and discuss? During the course of the program, you will...

  • Learn the basics of ahimsa, its foundation, and its scope in everyday life and education;
  • Observe the use of ahimsa principles both inside and outside the classroom;
  • See why ahimsa occupies such a pivotal role in particular individuals and communities;
  • Study Gandhi and how he was influenced by concept of ahimsa;
  • Explore historical and living examples of ahimsa and discuss them with fellow participants;
  • Relate the practice of ahimsa to the protection of the environment, and thus the human race;
  • Draw connections between contemporary issues within the context of education and the use of nonviolence to promote productive solutions;
  • Application of ahimsa in our lives, the classroom, and the school itself;
  • Visit a variety of schools and interact with students, fellow teachers and managements.

Other Information:
  • ISJS provides full lodging (twin shared air cooled rooms), boarding (Jain vegetarian wholesome food) and inland travel in India associated with the program. Limited AC rooms are available at additional cost.
  • All other costs including air travel to India and back, visa and medical insurance, stay in India prior to or after the program and all personal expenses including medical and toiletries are to be borne by the candidate himself/herself.
  • An acceptance fee of US$200 is payable in advance by check or electronic transfer to ISJS India when an admission is offered to you and you accept to attend the program. This amount will be adjusted with your fee ($550) on your arrival in India i.e. you need to pay $350 (remaining balance).
  • ISJS does not provide any stipend or financial assistance to any participant of this program.
  • Based on Statement of Purpose we will provide you a topic to prepare an essay / paper for Group Discussions.
  • Afternoon Sessions for group discussions and presentations.
  • All travel (three tier AC train or AC bus) within India in connection with ISSJS program.
  • Candidates who withdraw from the program during the currency of the program shall forfeit remainder tuition fee.

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