Book: Jainism (for young inquisitive) by Shugan C Jain

Soft cover, 79 pages published by International School for Jain Studies.
Price Rs 150 /US$ 10

Jainism is one of the oldest religions of India. Jainism emphasizes self effort to achieve any short or long term objective one has. It emphasizes the existence of independent soul in each living being which tries to achieve the supreme soul status i.e. state of bliss and pure knowledge. Karmas are the impurities attached to the soul which makes it drift away from its nature and hence is the cause of pains and pleasures experienced. Accordingly Jainism does not propagate the concept of all pervading, omnipotent and all knowing God who is the creator, sustainer and benefactor i.e. giving results for one’s action. The path to attain the ultimate objective is Right belief-knowledge-conduct together. Ahimsa is the sum and substance of Jainism as its entire doctrine and ethics evolve around it.

The book is written in easy to understand language. It has five chapters dealing in history, doctrine, practices, worldly matters and art and artifacts.

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