IWSJS.2020 - Offline Winter Prorgam

For Indian Participants only

This 10 days program is designed to cater the needs of third and fourth year undergraduate students, graduate students, degree holders, PhD Candidates, Professors and faculty in Religion, Philosophy, South Asian Studies and Anthropology and other related subjects (history, art, music, public health, bio-ethics, education, management etc.), high school teachers and professional Jains who desire to have experiential immersions in Jain Philosophy, way of life and their relevance in today’s world.
Dates Class size Places of stay Fees
28 Dec, 2020 – 6 Jan, 2021 20 Pune Free

  • This program is available to the persons registered with any university/college/institute as undergraduate or graduate students, PhD candidates, professors and faculty members as well as to the high school teachers and professional Jains.
  • ISJS provides full lodging, boarding (Jain vegetarian wholesome food), Wi-Fi at Pune Center only and inland travel (three tier AC train or AC bus) in India associated with the program.
  • The program also includes interaction with Jain saints and householders.
  • All personal expenses including personal visit/expenses, medical and toiletries are to be borne by the candidate himself/herself.
  • ISJS does not provide any stipend or financial assistance to any participant.

  • Course material i.e. Selected Papers and Notes in soft copy (electronic form) in three volumes is available online (https://www.isjs.in/books).
  • Participants need to arrive at a commonplace to be notified later through the acceptance letter. Participants need to pay for transportation to and from ISJS center.

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