ISSJS.2021 - Online Teaching for Peace (TFP) Program

This 3-week online program is designed for K-12 teachers, educators who wish to integrate practical nonviolence into their lives, classrooms and schools. This program is based on experiential learning, summarized by the acronym, L.O.V.E. Learn in the classroom, Observe all over, Visualize or contemplate, and Experience.

DatesTime (IST)Class sizePlacesFees
08 – 28 July, 2021
(Monday to Friday)
06:00 PM – 09:00 PM (IST)
(Daily 2 lectures; each lecture will be
for 1 hour followed by discussions/participants presentations)
20OnlineUS$ 125

For earning 3 credit units, you need to pay an additional fee of US$ 25.

What you will learn and discuss? During the program, you will...:
  • Learn the basics of ahimsa, its foundation, and its scope in everyday life and education;
  • Study Gandhi and how he was influenced by concept of ahimsa;

  • Learn why ahimsa occupies such a pivotal role in particular individuals and communities;

  • Relate the practice of ahimsa to the protection of the environment, and thus the human race;

  • Draw connections between contemporary issues within the context of education and the use of nonviolence to promote productive solutions;

  • Group Discussions;

  • Interact with variety of schools teachers and managements.

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