Other Collaborations

• American Institute of Indian Studies.
• JAINA (Federation of Jain associations of North America)
• Mahidol University, Thailand

American Institute of Indian studies ‘AIIS’

The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) was founded in 1961 to increase and improve understanding between India and the United States through academic research in various aspects of Indian life and thought. The Institute is headquartered at Gurgaon just outside of New Delhi and maintains branches in Calcutta, Chennai and Pune.

The Institute’s broad fellowship program has funded research into such diverse topics as the effects of economic globalization, urban development and planning, family kinship and village organization, as well as studies of Indian folklore, Buddhist philosophy, Muslim mystical poetry and ancient Sanskrit and Tamil texts and learning Indian languages rarely taught in USA.AIIS maintains two major research centers with large libraries and archives—the Archive and Research Center for Ethnomusicology and the Center for Art and Archaeology—both housed at the AIIS center at Gurgaon. An active publication program includes a multivolume Encyclopedia of Indian Temple Architecture. Fifty-two United States universities and colleges hold institutional memberships in the American Institute of Indian Studies. The United States office is located at the University of Chicago. 

For details contact
American Institute of Indian Studies
D-31, Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024
Ph # 91-11-41551562, 24625386 & 24698930
Fax # 91-11-2469 8150
Web site: www.indiastudies.org

Federation of Jain associations of North America ‘JAINA’ 

JAINA is a federation of 62 Jain organizations representing more than 100,000 Jains living in USA and Canada without any distinction based on sect, language or region. It has provided a forum to foster friendship and unity among various Jain communities in North America.

  1. Promote religious and educational activities related to the Jain religion and to develop better understanding of the Jain religion.
  2. Assist and promote charitable and humanitarian activities in North America and worldwide.
  3. Actively promote vegetarianism and Nonviolence.
  4. Provide and promote academic and cultural exchanges amongst Jains everywhere.
  5. Assist existing Jain associations and support the formation of new Jain associations in North America.
  6. Serve as a liaison with government agencies in pursuance of the above objectives.
  7. Foster cordial relationships with interfaith or multi faith organizations.
JAINA functions through more than 300 Volunteers from all corners of North America. It has an executive assistant with Headquarters in Getzville (Suburb of Buffalo, NY). The Executive Committee of JAINA is elected every two years from a group of Directors nominated by member organizations.

For details visit: www.jaina.org

Mahidol University, Thailand Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development
Buddhism and Jainism have a lot in common as they are two branches of the same Sramana tradition of Indian philosophy and religion and both have much to share and learn from each other. We complement and supplement each other and hence it is imperative that we start this study and dialog to further strengthen the cultural and educational ties between Thailand and India.

Since year 2005, International Summer School of Jain Studies (ISSJS) has been inviting scholars from the field of Religion and Philosophy from various countries including Thailand to study Jain Philosophy in English language in India during the months of June and July each year. 15 of Thai scholars have already studied intensive summer course at ISSJS India during 2006-2011.

To make this summer course of Jain philosophy available to more Thai teachers, professors and post graduate scholars in Thailand, we are planning to invite 2 learned professors from India for one (1) month duration to Thailand during summer holidays (year 2009 onwards) to teach Jain Philosophy (in English language) at Mahidol University, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom.

Applications are invited for the next year’s (ISSJS 2012) summer course in Bangkok. Please send an Essay on following topic: “Jainism (Jain philosophy) and Sramana tradition and why you would like to study Jain Philosophy?” by post for the attention of Mr. Pramod Jain at jain_pm@hotmail.com and Dr. Sophana Srichampa at sophona@gmail.com and following address:

Institute of language and Culture for Rural Development,
Mahidol University,
Salaya, Phutthamonthon 4 Road,
Nakhonpathom 73170.

Qualifications Required:
  • Excellent English language skills (speaking, reading and writing) are essential.
  • Course is open to University faculty, Post Graduate students, and Research scholars
  • Prior and/or on-going studies in religion, philosophy and culture at post-graduate and/or at Teaching level is essential with strong interest in promoting comparative studies

Course details:
Send email to Mr. Pramod Jain at jain_pm@hotmail.com for current course Details.