International School for Jain Studies


ISSJS.2019-4W June 12th to July 10th, 2019 Fees:  US$ 700.00
ISSJS.2019-6W* June 12th to July 21st, 2019 Fees:  US$ 800.00
ISSJS.2019-Teaching for Peace July 09th - 30th, 2019 Fees:  US$ 650.00
*Attractive financial support is available for all successful participants

Collaborating Institutions:

University of Madras, Mangalayatan University-Aligarh, Jain Vidhya Sansthan-Jaipur, Digambar Jain Trilok Shodh Sansthan-Hastinapur , Gandhi Research Foundation – Jalgaon and Bharatiya Jain Sanghtana – Pune.

The International Summer School for Jain Studies (ISSJS) is an annual academic summer program that began in 2005. The current program, is intended to provide students and scholars with the opportunity to pursue Jain studies in India from June 10th – July 30th, 2019.

During this period, ISSJS students will spend most of their time studying in North Indian cities of New Delhi, Jaipur, Aligarh and other cities of importance for Jainism.

Important faculty members from overseas for ISSJS.2019


Daily Schedule

Tentatively, we plan to spend time at Delhi, Dharampur and Pune for ISSJS-2019.4W participants; while ISSJS.2019-6W will spend time at Delhi, Dharampur, Pune and Jaipur (Optional for Prakrit only). The participants for ISSJS-2019.Teaching for Peace will spend time in Delhi, Jaipur, Jalgaon and Pune.

ISSJS-2019 daily schedule will be similar with minor adjustments of dates and topics to accommodate the feedback received during ISSJS-2018. The final Daily schedule will be posted on our website by March 2019 end. Tentative schedule already available at website.

Lectures and Courses

The course of study follows a daily schedule of academic lectures by eminent Jain scholars covering a range of topics from Jain history, philosophy, rituals, ethics and contemporary Jain life. Please see the syllabus for each program at our website. An important part of this program is the opportunity to conceptualize what is learned in the class room by visiting academic, historical places of interests, interacting with Jain communities and participating in cultural activities as well as have ample opportunity to discuss amongst participants and the faculty members. The finalized list of speakers and lecturers, as well as the final daily lecture schedule will be distributed upon arrival in India as well as posted on our website by March end 2019. Please follow the highlighted links to view the tentative Courses, Syllabus and Study Materials.

Community Interaction

An integral part of this program is the opportunity to conceptualize what is learned in the classroom by visiting academic and historical places of interest and interacting with Jain community. On Saturdays, participants will have the opportunity to meet Jain families, observe temple rituals and festivals and visit Jain holy places as well. Since we will be travelling to a number of different locations in India, this course of study will vary and our program participants will have the opportunity to experience Jain communities in diverse locations and environments.

After and during the lectures, we plan/provide ample time for group interaction. ISSJS participants will have the unique opportunity to speak with members of the Jain community including scholars, government officials, practitioners and ascetics. In past years, our students have found that this time is particularly helpful for networking and establishing connections that may support further academic research and fieldwork.

Independent Study/Research Project

Throughout the ISSJS program, participants will be expected to engage in independent research that will result in the composition of a final research paper. The topic of this paper is flexible as long as it corresponds to the course materials or community interaction (you will have the opportunity to discuss your topics with ISSJS staff and guest lecturers). A copy of your composition must be submitted to the directors of ISSJS in India prior to leaving India. This research essay/paper accepted by ISSJS are mandatory for all participants.

Indian Language Tutorials

In addition to the daily lecture schedules, community interaction and independent study projects, the ISSJS will provide language tutorials for students already engaged in the study of Hindi/Sanskrit/Prakrit. Tutorials will be based on student requests for five out of the seven weeks of the program. If you are interested in a language tutorial make sure that you have noted this on your application. Tutorials will be arranged to meet the needs of individual students at their own cost (subsidized by ISSJS also).


Jainism is a living religion and not a relic of a forgotten past. Following the outing, students will write short essays on the event. In addition opportunities are made for students to talk one-on-one with monks, nuns, and with practicing Jains in secular positions. There is a major focus on the family, highlighting the role and status of women, accompanied by home visitations and arranging meetings with different strata of Jain householders.

From 2008 onwards, based on the growing needs of scholars from North America particularly, the ISSJS is structured around a two-tier system, designed to meet scholarly needs of all applicants. The goal of the first level is the understanding of the fundamentals of Jainism in the areas of Religion, Philosophy, History, and Culture. The Second level builds on the first in terms of scope, depth, and intensity, and aims at a proficiency of knowledge that qualifies the student to study at the M.A., Ph.D, and level in a university. It is expected that first level students will, in the development of studies, become sufficiently competent to enter the second tier of studies.

ISSJS spends huge amount of time and money to ensure comprehensive coverage of Jain history, culture, philosophy and way of life with field visits and social interactions. ISSJS also provides follow-up services to the alumni for their further study, research and other needs on Jain studies. For more information and guidance regarding ISSJS, please view ISSJS Presentation.

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