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All other ISSJS participants will need to make arrangements with our travel agent to arrive in Delhi as per your admission letter. You should send your arrival and departure information to so that proper arrangements for accommodation can be made. You are required to arrive a day before the start of your program and leave on the last day of your program. These dates will be notified on your admission letter along with the address of ISJS hostel in Delhi. Those who wish to arrive earlier or leave later than the scheduled dates will have to make their own arrangements of lodging and boarding. All participants will leave India from Delhi only (Mumbai for Teaching for Peace program) .

The arrival process, immigration and Airport can be a bit chaotic. We want to familiarize you with the steps. As your plane nears Delhi, the flight attendants will hand out several forms to be filled out. One of them marks the arrival and departure of your stay in India that tears into two sections. You will give one half to the Immigration Officer and the other half will be stapled into your passport for when you leave. You will need to have the ISSJS hostel address available to fill out these forms. You might also be asked to fill out a Disembarkation Form, which asks if you have anything to declare. If any of this is unclear, the flight attendants or ground crew can assist you with these forms.

Once the plane has landed, you will go through two points: immigration and customs. At immigration you will show your passport and visa to a customs officer. Normally there are separate queues and desks for foreigners. After immigration you will go on through to baggage claim and pick up your luggage.

Once you have your luggage, approach the Customs Area and proceed through the Green Channel (nothing to declare Customs Officials mark unless you are bringing expensive equipment to be taken back with you while returning.

As you leave the customs door, on your left you will see a kiosk ‘Prepaid Taxis Booth managed by Delhi Police’. Please go there and book a taxi to go to ISSJS hostel by paying the fare (approx US$ 9-12). For security and economy, we advise you to travel in groups of three or four. A taxi can carry up to four passengers. There are radio cab services (Easy cab, Meru etc) available at the airport which are fairly expensive but reliable.

Advisory: ISJS does not promise any reception at the airport on arrival. The exact location where you have to come from the airport will be told to you in your admission letter with adequate directions for the taxi driver to bring you there.


PLEASE DON’T CHANGE US$ or EUROs into Indian Rupees in USA or Europe:

Before exiting the restricted area, you can change money ($ or Euro to Indian Rupees) at the bank counter located inside the airport. Generally, US $50 in rupees is sufficient and will last you some while. It is smart to have some rupees on hand in case you need to call for assistance, hire a taxi, or make any other unforeseen arrangements.

ARRIVAL RECEPTION:Once you land at ISSJS hostel, an ISJS representative will greet you and escort you to the room assigned along with meting your immediate queries. In case you have difficulty finding ISSJS hostel, please contact ISJS representative, Mr. Sushil Jana at 9911222593 for assistance. You will be able to find telephone booths at the airport. In case your flight is late or delayed for any reason; contact ISSJS representative on their phones. To dial a cell phone internationally, dial the Indian Country Code (91) before the number. For a fixed line, you will need to dial the country code (91) and then the city code for Delhi (11) before the number. The telephone agent can assist you if you need help.

If you plan on arriving prior to the dates mentioned, we will happily assist you in making alternate arrangements for accommodations at reasonable costs to be incurred by you. Our lodging arrangements are available from the scheduled arrival date mentioned above till 03:00 P.M of the last day of the program.

Please register yourself with Foreigners registration office of Delhi Police on arrival if travelling on students’ visa or staying for longer than the program duration. It is a requirement for all foreigners coming to India.