Living In India


ISSJS participants will need to make arrangements to arrive in Delhi a day before the start day of your program. The first day will be devoted to orientation and registration activities. We request that you be prepared to introduce yourself to the audience in the form of a short speech. You introduction should include a brief synopsis on your particular interest in Jainism and also what you foresee as the results of your research upon returning to your home institution.

All of participants will fly into Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport, Terminal 3 and Exit Gate No 6). All students should email to their arrival date and times so that arrangements can be made for your accommodation.

The arrival process, immigration and Indira Gandhi Airport can be a bit chaotic. We want to familiarize you with the steps. As your plane nears Delhi, the flight attendants will hand out several forms to be filled out. One of them marks the arrival and departure of your stay in India that tears into two sections. You will give one half to the Immigration Officer and the other half will be stapled into your passport for when you leave. You will need to have the ISSJS Institute address available to fill out these forms. You might also be asked to fill out a Disembarkation Form, which asks if you have anything to declare. If any of this is unclear, the flight attendants or ground crew can assist you with these forms.

Once the plane as landed, you will go through two points: immigration and customs. At immigration you will show your passport and visa to a customs officer. After immigration you will go on through to baggage and pick up your luggage. Once you have your luggage, approach the Customs Area and proceed through the Green Channel (nothing to declare).

CHANGING MONEY:Before exiting the restricted area, you can change money at the bank counter located inside the airport. Generally, US $100 in rupees is sufficient and will last you some while. It is be smart to have some rupees on hand in case you need to call for assistance, hire a taxi, or make any other unforeseen arrangements.

ARRIVAL RECEPTION:On arrival, as you leave the customs door, you will see a PREPAID TAXI kiosk. Please go there and book a taxi by paying fare (app US$ 8-10) to ISSJS hostel. Please proceed to board the taxi as indicated at the airport. We strongly advise you that you travel in groups of 3 or 4 for security and economic reasons. A taxi can carry upto four passengers. On arrival at ISJS hostel, you will be received by an ISJS representative who will assign a room and make you comfortable. In case of any difficulty please contact ISJS representative at 91-99112 22593. Please refrain from taking any other taxi as they are more expensive and at times not secure.

IN CASE OF ANY DIFFICULTY:Call ISJS representative at 91-99112 22593. To dial a cell phone internationally, dial the Indian Country Code (91) before the number. For a fixed line, you will need to dial the country code (91) and then the city code for Delhi (11) before the number.

If you plan on arriving prior to the advised day, we will happily assist you in making alternate arrangements for accommodations at reasonable costs. Our lodging arrangements are available a day before the official schedule day of start of your program.