International Summer School for Jain Studies

For participants admitted ISSJS.2019-4W, ISSJS.2019.6W and ISSJS.2019.Teaching for Peace programs

Welcome to ISSJS.2019. ISSJS is a project of ISJS which is a registered non-profit society with the sole objective of taking the academic studies of Jainism to the universities of the world. ISSJS.2019 programs are the 15th Summer schools being organized by ISJS. 

1. General

ou are our esteemed guest. As such we have taken great pain to prepare these guidelines for you to make your stay with ISSJS.2019 pleasant, academically rewarding and enjoyable one. Please read them carefully and keep it always with you for reference during your stay with us. Entire team at ISJS is keen to contribute in making your mission to ISSJS successful.

Failure to abide by disciplinary and academic requirements may cause serious action to be taken by ISSJS.

2. Admission, preparing for departure to India


3. Arrival in & departure from India, early arrival and late departures


4. Money Matters

PLEASE NOTE: All ISJS dues are payable in US$ or EUROs only preferably prior to your departure from USA/Europe or latest on the first day of arrival at ISSJS
. Non payment of fees and other dues to ISJS in time (i.e. latest upon arrival date in India) may result in serious consequences. NO ISJS dues shall be accepted in Indian Rupees. Also please note:

• ISJS accepts only US$ (or Euros) cash or travelers checks. No personal checks or money orders will be acceptable.
• ATM machines in India dispense only Indian rupees and hence you may face serious problems in paying to ISJS in US$ or EUROs 

CURRENCY: The unit of currency in India is the rupee. At present there are roughly 70/- to the US dollar. This conversion rate changes every day. ATM machines, banks, and money changers will be available at most of the places. In particular, Citibank is located all over India. In the past, participants have opened Citibank accounts in their country prior to departure, so that they could withdrawal cash without accruing ATM fees. Please note that ATMs have restrictions in the amount of money you can withdraw and also dispensing Indian Rupees only.

Many shopkeepers also accept major credit cards. Make sure you bring your bank account and credit card account information with you, as well as customer service telephone numbers that can be used internationally. It is also helpful to set up online payment options with your credit cards and banks in case you need to pay your bills during your time in India.

MONEY IN MULTIPLE FORMS: You will want to carry your money in multiple forms: Traveler’s Checks, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. In case ATM machines are not available, exchanging traveller’s checks or using your credit card can be an easy alternative. Take cash in $20 -$50 bills to facilitate easy exchange. Money orders, cashier’s checks, and certified checks are extremely difficult to cash in India.

MONEY BELT: The type that can be worn under your clothes is the most secure. Keep photocopies of your passport, visa, insurance, and emergency contact information, traveler’s checks, and extra ATM/credit cards in your money belt. Because it is very hot in India during summer months, keep your documents in a zip lock bag inside.