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5. Academic Matters

• We spend lot of time to organize each and every lecture, activity for you. We wish that you appreciate and respect the efforts made. Therefore we suggest that you attend all lectures and activities. It is a mandatory requirement for successful completion of program along with quizzes/ papers to be submitted. If you have to miss some lecture or activity please do inform the ISSJS representative in advance.

• As indicated earlier, we stay at holy places most of the time. Please respect the timing i.e. be back in your rooms by 10:00 P.M before the institution shuts their gates for security reasons. Late arrivals cause avoidable problems for you, the facility manager and us. Similarly please do not smoke and do not use alcohol or non vegetarian foods or snacks while in the temple and ISSJS premises. The temple authorities do not allow keeping pets in the rooms or on the premises.

• In case of any assistance needed, please contact the ISSJS representative on site. Limited Internet connectivity for school related work will be provided at no cost. We plan to make available (through third parties on whom ISJS has no control) facilities of international telephony, cold drinks and coffee, laundry onsite on paid basis. Taxis at your cost can be arranged if advised in advance.

5.1 Academic lectures/workshops

This year we have made each academic lecture in two parts. First session of 60 minutes will be lecture by the faculty member and the next 30 minutes will be for discussions with the faculty members. Please be interactive and participate actively in such sessions. Every day, after two lectures, a tutorial session of 90 minutes is scheduled wherein you will discuss the day’s lectures with fellow participants under the presence of one of the lecturers’ of the day. In 2018, participants used to discuss their papers / ideas in the afternoons until late evenings. Other arrangements are as follows:

• It is obligatory that you attend all the lectures, tutorials and visits scheduled. Please come to class in time. Kindly make yourself familiar with the subject by going through the catalogue for each lecture, reference material on respective subject in the study notes/ books/papers available at the ISJS site or provided. The ISSJS attendant shall maintain an attendance register at all places. 

• Most of the institutions where we stay and conduct academic classes do not permit smoking, taking water, tea etc., chewing gums in the lecture hall. Please observe such requirements while attending the classes. Water, tea and coffee will be available after the lectures outside the lecture hall.

• Facilities will be provided for you to use your laptop computers to take notes. So do bring your laptop. It is also important as you have the Selected Papers and study Notes in soft copy for use along with your laptop computers. Soft copies of all ISSJS study material is available free for download from our website Hard bound copies shall be available if needed for purchase (costs approx US$ 20.00 for Study Notes and published prices for other books).

• We encourage you to interact with the faculty, one at a time to have lively discussions during the lecture. If possible, please submit your unanswered questions in writing for the faculty or academic resource to attend to them properly. There will be tutorials after the day’s lectures where the faculty member will be available to provide support during group discussions.

• We shall provide evaluation forms at each ISSJS premises daily. Kindly do fill them with your observations about the day’s activities along with suggestions for improvements. The faculty members are also requested to do the same.

You will be required to write a paper or a quiz each week on a topic to be assigned based on the academic lectures for the week. You can either electronically or by mail send it to director for evaluation and grading by Mangalayatan University appointed examiners within 48 hours. For 6W participants there will be additional research paper to be submitted towards at the end of their academic program. For details see below at 5.2.

• For those of you, who intend to transfer credits to their university study program, (through Mangalayatan University-ISJS tie up), 4W participants can earn 3 credit units which will be graded as A/B/C. There is an additional charge of US$25.00 for preparation and mailing of the certificate by Mangalayatan University to the respective university directly.

• A research associate and sometimes the faculty member delivering the lectures will be available from upto 3 PM to discuss academic matters with you, either individually or in small groups. Please do use this facility to have clarification/ support on the subjects being discussed on a specific date. You may like to write your questions on a piece of paper in advance and hand it over to ISSJS staff for better interaction on the same during such discussions.

5.2 Project work (research) for 6W participants
• We have scheduled a one week self research period for you to undertake research on a topic of your choice. However it is imperative that we have your subject within two weeks of the start of your program.

• At the end of the research, you are required to submit a written report of your study, in the form of a project report. It is a requirement before your study program is considered complete. Also we schedule a presentation by each one of you of your research to all the fellow scholars for discussions/exchange of views.

6. Academic matters: Visits to families/temples/places of pilgrimage/other institutes

6.1 Visiting temples/monks places

i. While visiting temples, normally we bow in front of the idols or the saints and then participate in the activities. In the temples, normally we squat while praying. We do the same while visiting the saints but for you, efforts will be made to have chairs as and when possible. Please do not lie down or stretch your legs while sitting as they are considered a sign of disrespect. Please observe how prayers or worships are performed in temples. The school will give you a demo before your first visit to such places.

ii. For the saints, normally they deliver sermons but we request them to entertain questions and answers after their sermons. So please let the saint deliver his/ her sermon first and then respond to your queries. Please remember that, at times, the saints may not give a logical or rational response and stick to what the holy texts say. Similarly they may / may not answer personal questions about them. Normally it is a good habit to avoid personal questions or cross talks during such visits.

iii. Please avoid chewing gums while you are in the temple or with the saints. We do provide tea breaks when the meetings with the saints are longer than 2 hours.

iv. You are welcome to take notes during such visits. For photography, please do seek approval of the attending ISJS representative before doing so.

v. Wearing leather belts, leather shoes, leather purses, leather camera cases and socks are not permitted while visiting inside of temples, and they will have to be taken off while visiting the worship area of the temples

6.2 Visiting Pilgrim places

We are planning to have one exclusive pilgrimage of a day to Hastinapur. Please visit www: for details about Hastinapur. During this pilgrimage we shall spend a lot of time traveling by an AC bus. We suggest that you bring a tote bag or carry-all for such pilgrimages to avoid opening and repacking the entire suitcase /bag. Please be ready at 05:00 A.M for boarding the bus on the date to be notified in your calendar of daily activities.

i. Time is of essence. So to maximize the benefit of our travel, please stay together and observe times allowed for personal off or special visits.

ii. Food may be a problem at some places. So please do bring some durable food items which you might like to carry with you. We plan to minimize the need for such occurrences. Please minimize (we suggest that for health and hygienic reasons, you do not take and consume food from the street vendors. Of course fruits are an exception but before eating these should be washed properly) experimenting with street foods during these visits.

iii. We encourage you to become familiar with the pilgrimage before embarking on them. Please seek information if you find our presentations and briefing inadequate while preparing for these pilgrimages.

6.3 Visiting families/social institutions

Because of the size of the group and to give a good reception to you, we select only those families who have enough facilities at their homes and people to interact with you. This implies that the families are fairly well off economically and socially. It therefore puts some demands on the school to respond properly on such visits.

i. Please do dress formally on such visits. The hosts tend to welcome you in grand style. Most of the host families tend to welcome you formally. Accordingly they may put a tilak (a saffron mark on your forehead along with some rice, put a garland around your neck etc.). This is the traditional welcome style in India (similar to what you get in Hawaii).

ii. Mostly the visits involve visit to the family home escorted by the head of the family and then chat, both formal and informal between members of family and you, the scholars. We encourage the families to let each and every member of the family interact but customs at times may keep the female members in the background and males dominate the talking.

iii. Please avoid personal questions or getting too close to individuals, especially of the opposite sex.

iv. Please avoid flirting, embracing the host and other people and too much physical contact

7. Personal interests (non academic):

ISJS appreciates that each participants has some interests, other than academic related to ISSJS programs. ISJS does not get involved in such activities except offer its services to provide information as published on the internet or elsewhere. ISJS is also not responsible for any unpleasant incidence experienced by the participants during such sojourns. The participant will need to contact the agencies directly and make his /her own arrangements so as not to have conflict with ISSJS schedule of academic activities.

8. Facilities provided, extras:

You will be provided fairly decent air conditioned rooms with attached western toilets and to be shared by two persons of the same gender (except married couples) in Delhi. At other places air cooled rooms will be provided. At some places they have separate hostels for male and females students and so married couples may also be required to observe such restrictions, if applicable.

You will be staying mostly in temple /places of worship or university campus. Therefore we have to observe sanctity and rigorous discipline concerning arrival /closing at night/ social interactions, food consumption etc.

i. Please remember these are the places and Jains venerate a lot. So we have to be humble, soft and observe rules normally followed while you visit church on Sundays or other days.

ii. Each temple residences have specific times for arrival late at night. Kindly observe these strictly as the temple authorities lock the main gate and exceptions are recorded, reported to the management and frowned upon. If you have special reason to stay out late, the same needs to be reported to Onsite ISSJS representative in advance else it can cause problems.

iii. There are specific times for serving food (breakfast 07:00 A.M. to 08:00 A.M, Lunch 01:00 P.M to 02:30 P.M and dinner 06:30 P.M to 07:30 P.M). Kindly observe these times as the attendants may refuse to serve food outside these times. Please drink sufficient water and if needed take salt and lime water to avoid dehydration. 

iv. The dining halls are closed on Sunday.

v. For special cleaning of the room or other services, please report to the Onsite ISSJS representative for the needful.

vi. If you choose to stay away from a particular place completely or for a short duration, the same needs to be informed to Onsite ISSJS representative at least two days in advance.

vii. Special request. At the premises, please refrain from activities which can be frowned upon by authorities of the place or disturb the ambience (e.g. smoking, use and possession of drugs, bringing pets or non vegetarian food and alcoholic beverages from outside etc). These are absolutely NO NO and not acceptable to the ISSJS management. 

viii. Internet facilities: ISSJS will provide limited internet access (1-3 hours per day per participant depending upon availability) at all places, either directly on site or through a cyber café nearby. Please let Onsite ISSJS representative know of your needs for proper scheduling of the same.

ix. Extra services:
a. Personal needs: ISJS will try to coordinate provisioning of facilities like washer-man (dhobi), bottled water or soft drinks, packaged snacks through local facilities providers. ISJS has no financial or administrative role in their provisioning and the same are being arranged purely as a gesture of convenience to the participants.

b. Transportation from place of stay to other touristic places for personal reasons: ISJS does not take responsibility for this. However it will try and facilitate the provisioning of the same by third parties directly at the prices agreed between you and the service provider. ISSJS has no financial involvement or responsibility for the quality of the service provided. 

c. AC rooms: Some AC rooms may be available at each location for allocation on first come first served basis on paid basis. The same is payable along with the admission charges to ISJS.