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9. Dressing up:

i. Weather is hot in June and July. So choose your dresses accordingly.

ii. Please dress simple and well (for visits to saints, temples and pilgrimages). You are a special guest and are going to receive special attention. The weather is fairly hot. Please avoid using shorts or sleeveless T-shirts with low neck cut or transparent cloths or new dress types (like sarees being worn for the first time) on these occasions.

iii. For visits to temples and saints, we recommend that you buy white kurtas and pyjamas male) and salwar kammez (female) of cotton on arrival in India. Alternately you may like to wear jeans / trousers and shirts/ T-shirts (male) and tee shirts – jeans or tee shirt/blouse and long skirt (for women). Women are requested to please have T-shirts or blouses with high neck and sleeves (short or medium). Women are requested to moderate the use of cosmetics on such occasions.

iv. For attending religious rituals and meditation sessions, you will be sitting or lying on the floor. This requires that you must have at least one soft suit i.e. soft tee shirt /kurta and trousers/pyjamas) with you.

v. For visits to families, formal dress is the norm as the hosts also tend to do the same. For pilgrimages, please wear casual dress during travel but follow guidelines i. and ii. above while visiting temples and saints at such places.

10. Food:

• ISSJS provides breakfast, lunch and dinner at their facilities in Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Varanasi. We request you to please observe the timings (breakfast 07:00 A.M. to 08:00 A.M, Lunch 01:00 P.M to 02:30 P.M and dinner 06:30 P.M to 07:30 P.M). Our kitchen staffs, who are contracted persons, generally need to close down service for housekeeping and getting ready for the next meal. Kindly observe these timings. There will be no lunch and dinner service on Sundays.

• The food is simple, wholesome, healthy Jain vegetarian and without garlic and onion as well. For you to really have a Jain experience we strongly suggest that you stay vegetarian all the time during this program. ISSJS will neither provide nor permit the use of non vegetarian foods of any kind (meat, fish, chicken and egg etc), cigarettes and alcohol etc on ISSJS premises. We do prepare menus having Indian, Chinese and at times western cuisine to keep the food interesting. We are open to suggestions to change the menu from time to time. We always use bottled water for our cooking and drinking purposes at the above places. We are sure, you will enjoy the meals. If you do go out in the town, we humbly ask you not to consume the above mentioned food items there as well. The reason is that thru the community the word gets around which we will come to know and that creates a bad /wrong impression for all of us. It has happened in the past. ISSJS intent is not to change your food habits but as our guest, we request you to be considerate to the host; in this case ISSJS staff and the Jain Community during your stay with us.

• ISSJS associate will provide you aerated cold drinks and a few packed snacks at most reasonable (at cost) for purchase by you.

• During breaks, we do try to provide tea, coffee, biscuits and water.

11. Social Interactions:

11.1 Sexual harassment

You are required to sign a separate agreement attached to ensure that neither you nor others at ISJS are caused this undesirable serious problem.

• There are major differences in customs and behavior norms in India than in USA or the western world At times normal behavior may be taken as offensive by you or the hosts. So please avoid intimacy with local people to minimize such problems.

• Please try to maintain distance with fellow members of opposite sex as at times it may send wrong signals. We urge your assistance in avoiding all incidences of sexual harassment or cheating in dealings with you.

• If you feel offended in any manner by any ISSJS staff /director or associates, please report immediately on a form available in ISSJS site office. ISSJS will take immediate action (up to the termination of the services /contractor or association with ISSJS) on your complaint to ensure suitable action taken against the offender. You will be fully informed of the action taken. If the occurrence of such incidences is not reported immediately, then ISSJS will not be able to respond properly and in time and in some cases it may be too late for ISSJS to do anything. Here the responsibility fully lies on your shoulders. When you go in town on your own, please observe normal precautionary measures and avoid any such incidents. On the streets, it can happen but please be very careful. In that case you are on your won and ISSJS bears no responsibility in that case. 

• ISSJS has appointed a committee having ISSJS director and the site in charge (Delhi-Mr. Sushil Jana, Jaipur-Prof K.C. Sogani) to address these grievances as a top priority.

• Travel advisory: As a foreigner, please be extra cautious as to where and when you go at different places. Please be familiar with the travel advisories issued by your countries. ISJS is not responsible for any consequences of your actions contrary to these advisories.

12. Health:

i. Prevention is better than cure. This is the Jain doctrine of staying healthy and happy. We advise you to use only bottled water as provided by ISSJS or in the market which you can buy. Please do bring a water bottle with you to carry water for your travel. Also we request you not to use street food or cut vegetables and fruits outside the ISSJS dining hall.

ii. ISSJS associates will provide cold drinks, snacks (packed) etc for purchase. This service is provided to minimize your going out in hot weather for such needs. 

iii. Please do carry mosquito repellant creams with you. We provide mosquito repellant electronic devices in the rooms at your lodging places in Delhi and Jaipur. In case of additional supplies, please let the ISJS know of the same. Also we suggest you carry toilet rolls, facial tissues, soap with you during your travels. Please do not bring these items with you from your home country. At each place of your stay, these items will be provided by ISSJS staff, This advice is only when you travel in India in connection with ISSJS program.

iv. ISSJS camps carry a first aid box with medicines for most common illnesses as experienced during last three years. Please contact ISSJS representative for assistance.

v. In case medical attention is required, we have the services of a very experienced medical practitioner, Dr. H.K. Jain (tel 011-23672826) available for diagnosis and treatment. Of course the director and staff of ISSJS are always there to help you in making arrangements and providing you first aid or personally visit a doctor or hospital also as and when needed.

13. Government requirements:

We have learnt that all foreigners are required to register with the foreign police on their arrival in India if you intend to stay here for more than 6 weeks. We are scheduling a day in Delhi (to be announced on your arrival) when you are requested to go to the foreigner registration police in Delhi to register yourself. It is a requirement.

We are open to suggestions. Please feel free to give suggestions.