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Mahavir Vision, Inc. ( MVI) established in 1994, is a US based religious, non-profit, charitable tax exempt organization as determined by Section 501 ( c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The main objective of MVI are to promote and propagate the Jain doctrines through the communication media (books, magazines, pamphlets, web sites, web portals, audio, video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, movies), seminars, workshops, scholarships, sponsorships of such activities, award of travel grants, stipends, research in Jainology, local, national and International Schools, correspondence courses and distant learning courses for Academic Study of Jainism in North America and in other countries. Other objectives of MVI are to participate in and to promote Interfaith dialogue to create better understanding between the various faiths of the world, and also to promote the life style based on practical application of Ahimsa (non violence) towards all beings ( humans and non humans ) and the environment in which we all live.

In 1999 MVI was a major force behind the creation of an International Magazine “Jain Spirit”.

Since 2004 MVI is working to promote Academic Study of Jainism in North America by promoting, assisting the selection of candidates from North America and providing financial assistance for the International Summer Schools for Jain Academic Studies (ISSJS) in India which is run by an India registered, independent Indian organization; ISJS India.

Since 2005, MVI , via a very elaborate selection process, a team of highly qualified Academics ( faculty and Graduate Students) from North American Universities, has been sending to India for a One to two months ( June and July) intensive study in Jain philosophy, History, Arts and Architects, literature and Culture & Society. This Summer Schools program is integrated within the American University System .MVI sent seven such Scholars in 2005, fourteen in 2006, sixteen in 2007 and twenty in 2008.

Mahavir Vision Inc. governed by the Officers of the Board consist of President, Vice president, Treasurer and Secretary.

Surendra Sethi (President)
Dr. Surendra K. Sethi is the President of Mahavir Vision Inc since its founding in 1994. He is one of the founding members and past presidents of the Jain Society of Greater Pittsburg. In 1993 under his leadership JAINA, convention that was held in Pittsburgh was a grand success. He is also a co-founder and former Director of international quarterly magazine “Jain Sprit”. Dr. Sethi also served as trustee of the Hindu Jain Temple of Pittsburg and was instrumental in having Digambar and Shwetambar Jain Murtis on the same pedestal there. He also served as Board of Director of Butler Memorial Hospital and Founding chairperson of Shree Pacetronix Ltd, the only pacemaker manufacturing company in India. He has traveled to many foreign countries to promote the principles of non-violence and compassion for all. By profession, Dr. Sethi is a cardiologist in Greater Pittsburg area. He lives in Butler, PA with his wife Hirabai. They have two sons, one daughter, and several grand children.

Dr. Tansukh  Salgia
Tansukh Salgia (Vice President)
Dr. Tansukh Salgia (Vice President) is the founder of many Jain and Asian organizations, such as Federation of Jain Association in North America (JAINA), International Mahavira Jain Mission (Sidhhachalam), Jain Society of Greater Cleveland, Mahavira Vision, Asian American Federation of Cleveland, Bramhi Jain Society, and Asian American Service Council (Columbus).

Dr. Salgia is the founding father of “Jain Digest” a quarterly magazine of JAINA and co-founder and former Director of international quarterly publication “Jain Sprit Magazine”.

In 1992-93, Dr. Salgia was liaison for “THE JAINS” at the secretariat of Parliament of World Religions and coordinator of all Jain activities during the Centennial Celebration of the Parliament of World Religions held in Chicago in August-September 1993.

He is also listed in Who’s who in the World 1993-1994 and Who’s who in America, 49th edition by Marquis Publications. In 2002, The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace appointed Dr. Salgia as “Ambassador for peace”. In 1997, Federation of Jain Association conferred upon him the title of “JAIN RATNA” (Jewel of Jain Community) and also in 2006; Mahamastakabhishek NRI Committee conferred a title of “Overseas Samaj Ratna.”

In 2003, International Jain Sangh recognized Dr. Salgia for his community services.

Dr. Salgia is the council member of Interfaith Association of Central Ohio and Board and executive committee member of Port Columbus Interfaith Services. Dr. Salgia also serves on national board of North American Interfaith Network (NAIN).

Surender K Jain
Surendra Jain (Treasurer)
Surender K Jain is a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Center of Ring Theory & its Applications at Ohio University. He is an author of 130 research articles in professional journals and of 7 books. He has co-edited six volumes of international conferences including the one on 'Glimpses of Jainism' published by MotiLal Banarasi Das, Delhi.

Dr Jain was the Chief Editor of Jain Digest published by JAINA from 1990-1995. He was also one of the Directors of the Board for the Jain Spirit (Quarterly Magazine) for three years. He is a widely traveled person to many countries and has given invited talks including at the Jain Centers. Dr Jain was a founder of the Jain Center of Central Ohio, Columbus and served as the first Co-President. He also served for many years as JAINA Director and Chair of Education Committee of JCOCO.

Dr Sulekh C. Jain
Sulekh Jain (Secretary)
Dr. Sulekh C.Jain, All along, Dr. Jain has been active in many religious and social activities within the Jain and non-Jain communities in the U.S.A. and Canada. Dr. Jain is Founder /Co-Founder of several organization and institution in North America such as ; Jain Center of Greater Boston(1973), Jain Society of Houston (1981), JAIN DIGEST Magazine(1985), JAINA Library (1988), Young Jains of America(1989), Jain Center of Central Ohio at Columbus (1991), Jain Academic Foundation of North America(1994), Mahaveer Vision Inc.(1994), JAIN SPIRIT International Magazine(1999),World Council of Jain Academies (1999) , JVB Preksha Meditation Center in Houston (1999). and International Summer School in Jain Academic Studies (2004).

Dr. Jain is the past Secretary and President of Federation of Jain Associations in North America, Jain Society of Houston, Jain Center of Cincinnati/Dayton and several other organizations. Dr. Jain has traveled extensively in India, UK, Europe and Asia, has met many Jain Leaders world over and participated in many seminars. He led a U.S. Jain Delegation to Buckingham Palace in London for a meeting with H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh in 199o and participated in the parliament of Worlds Religions in Chicago in 1993.

Professionally, Dr. Jain has a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A. He has taught at several Universities and retired in 1998 from GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has nine US and International technical patents and authored nearly 50 technical papers. He is an International consultant in technology and is the President of Material and Manufacturing Technology Solutions Company.

He lives in Sugar Land, TX and is a member of the Sugar Land Aviation Advisory Board of the City of Sugar Land.