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A not-for-profit organization under section 80G of Income Tax Rules, India
D-28, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi - 110 017, INDIA

Tel: +91 -11- 4079 3387, email: svana@vsnl.com

The trust is primarily established with the objective of promoting study of Jain philosophy, history, culture, society and literature around the world. It shall undertake lectures and educational programs for scholars and public at large who are interested to study the philosophy of nonviolence and universal brotherhood along with vegetarianism. It shall also facilitate study of Prakrit and Sanskrit languages as most of the original literature and record of Jain philosophy was written in these languages. The trust will provide its services to everyone who is interested without any reference to class or section of the society.

The trust shall also serve as a platform for promoting social and religious harmony in different sections of the society. Time-to-time trust shall undertake programs and projects to promote social equilibrium. The programs and projects can be in the field of promotion and education, technology, information system, creating awareness in any field, financial support to needy, family welfare activities, health facilities, environment protection, prevention of cruelty to animals, development of social harmony or any other subject as the Trustees may decide from time to time.

The activities can be taken up by trust either as its own projects or through joining hands with other established organizations in India and else where in the world.

The trust was incorporated as a non-profit society at Delhi, India and has the tax exemption from all donations under section 80G of Income Tax India. The trust has until now conducted the two International Summer School for Jain Studies in summer of 2005 and 2006 in association with Mahavir Vision Inc, USA.

The main objects of ISSJS is to support a comprehensive, scholarly and experimental introduction of Jain academic studies in the universities around the world and North America in particular. ISSJS implements the program by a process of careful screening of potential scholars, taking them to India for two months of intensive academic studies, social, ritual, pilgrimage, monks interaction to make a Jain live experience. On return from India ISSJS supports these scholars to carry out further research. 

Dr Shugan C Jain  
Dr. Shugan Chand Jain, New Delhi, India, (Managing Trustee)
Retired IT and management consultant. Lived and traveled extensively in USA, Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and India. After having degrees in engineering from Delhi and New York Universities, got MA and PHD degrees in Jainology and comparative religions with certification in Prakrat language. Dedicated to the study, teaching of Jain philosophy, history, culture and way of life since 2002. Founder, director ISJS India, President of Parshwanath Vidyapeeth.
Mrs. Uma Jain  
Mrs. Uma Jain, New Delhi, India
MA (Pol Science). Past president of International Women's group Holland, Jain Mahila Milan, Green Park, Ladies Association Panchshel Enclave, Now dedicated to support her husband in teaching Jain philosophy and taking up social causes like girl education, orphanages etc.
Mr. Amit Jain  
Prof. Amit Jain
IITD graduate with MBA and PhD in Management from Insead France. Currently at National University of Singapore as faculty member.
Mrs. Anita Jain  
Mrs. Anita Jain, Switzerland
BA (Econ) from Delhi and MBA, MBI from Rotterdam School of Management Holland. Working as Vice - President with MSCI Switzerland in Geneva.
Mr. Rajeev Jain  
Mr. Rajiv Jain, New Delhi, India
He is managing Director of Ranee Polymer who had been proving funding since the inception of the school every year.
Mr. Sanjay Jain  
Mr. Sanjay Jain, New Delhi, India
He is an alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta.
Mr. Ashish Jain  
Mr. Ashish Jain, New Delhi, India
He is an engineer from DCE and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.
Mr. Manish Jain  
Mr. Manish Jain, Switzerland
He is noted international certified public accountant working as director at Nestle Switzerland.