Academic Council India

Prof. Dr Kusum Jain  
Director: Prof. Dr. Kusum Jain, Jaipur
M.A. (Philosophy), Ph.D. on Human Rights from University of Ottawa, Canada. Prof. of Philosophy at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur (teaching since 1957); Ex-chairperson and presently Director of Center for Advanced Studies (philosophy); General Editor of The Journal of Foundational Research; University of Rajasthan Philosophy Series. Author of several articles including a book on 'Foundations of Human Rights'. She has written extensively on Jain Logic, especially on Anekantvada & Syadvada. She has guided 15 Ph.D. thesis and M.Phil dissertations, six of which are on various aspects of Jain Philosophical tradition. She is a winner of many International & National Awards. She has been invited for delivering lectures as penal speaker and chair sessions in various national and international conferences. She is Member of Board of Director of International Society for Universal Dialogue.


Dr Shugan C Jain  
Joint Director: Dr. Shugan Chand Jain BE, M.S, Ph.D (Jainology)
Dr. Shugan Jain was an IT consultant & Advisor to leading organizations of USA, Europe and India. He had been a consultant with Commonwealth secretariat, Government of India and World Bank for various development projects. Since 2001, devotes majority of his time to the study and practice of Jainism. He has published 10 Papers on Jain Philosophy and compiled and edited several books.
Prof. Kamal Chand Sogani  
Prof. Kamal Chand Sogani, Ph.D., Jaipur
M.A. Philosophy, B.Sc(Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Ph.D in Jaina Philosophy Ex. Prof. of Philosophy at M.L.Sukhadia University, Udaipur(Rajasthan). Currently Director of Jaina Vidya Samathan(Jaipur), director of Apbhramsa Sahitya Academy (Jaipur). He is the Chairman of Prakrta Bhasa Samiti, Prakrat Academy(Jaipur). Member of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (Delhi). Has been awarded several national and international citations and recognitions in Jain philosophy. He has published 25 Books and several papers on Jainism.
Dr. Anupam Jain  
Dr. Anupam Jain, Indore
M.Sc (Mathematics), M.Phil(Mathematics), Ph.D( History of Mathematics) Senior Assistant professor _ Govt. Autonomous Holkar Science College, Indore Hony. Director- Ganini Jnanmati Prakrta Sodhapitha Jambudvipa Hastinapur Hony Secretary and Executive Director Kundakunda Jnanapitha He has published 6 Books and 52 Research papers. 
Dr. Priya-jain  
Dr. Priyadarshana Jain, Madras
M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D in Jainology,Diploma in Prakrit from Apabhramsha Sahitya Academy,Jaipur, Lecturer in the Dept of Jainology,University of Madras,Chennai, Course Co-ordinator for Prakrit Studies in Chennai, 12 yrs of teaching experience-Jainology besides Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the post-graduate level, 6yrs of teaching Prakrit for the Certificate and Diploma programs. Serving as Resource person for Jainism for Indian and foreign students and also been the resource person for ISSJS for 3 programs spread over 3 yrs, moduled the PG Diploma program in Jainism and compiled 7 books as study material. Visited UK and the USA for different projects related to Jainism and Inter-faith Dialogue. Authored 2 books(1 is under publication),Translated 3 books on Jainism from Hindi/Prakrit to English,Presented papers at National and International Seminars.
Prof. M.R. Ghelra, Jaipur
Ph.D. in Chemistry. Emeritus Professor in Jainology and was first vice chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharti University Ladnun , Rajasthan.
Prof. Viney Jain, Gurgaon
A biophysicist and radiation biologist, author of more than 100 original publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He served on the faculties of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi; National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, Delhi University, Delhi and as a visiting professor/scientist at several institutes in India, Germany, U.K., France, Netherlands and USA. Prof. Jain was elected as President of Indian Photobiology Society and Indian Society for Radiation Biology. He superannuated in 1998 from the post of Director, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Delhi.
Dr. Kamla Jain  
Prof. Kamla Jain, Delhi
Ph.D (Jain Ethics, Minor Vows Duties, Penance, Self Restraint, Forgiveness) Ph.D. Registrar, Jain Vishva Bharati Institute , Ladnun.
Prof. R.P.Jain, Delhi
PhD (Jainism from Hamburg. Taught at Munster Univ Germany. Now with JNU Delhi India.
Prof. Prakash C Jain, Delhi
Prof. Prakash C. Jain Ph.D. in Sociology from the Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Senior faculty member at the school of International studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His area of academic interest include Indian Society and Culture, Indian Diaspora and Jain community. He has authored and edited 10 volumes including publications include Indians in South Africa, Indian Diaspora in West Asia: A Reader and Jains in India and Abroad.