Alumni Comments


As I write I am full to the brim with gratitude for another wonderful ISSSJ program. It was engaging on so many levels- educationally with excellent lectures and discussions, culturally with terrific visits to important Jain tirthas and famous Indian locations, socially with wonderful conversations with everyone we encountered and spiritually while considering humans’ place and role in the vast and diverse cosmos. And now back in Hawaii, I am organizing all th information, inserting new stories and photos, symbolism in my REL 202 (understanding Indian religions course) and students are becoming very interested in Jainism.
Sarah Hadmack (class 2005 and 2007).

The exposure that the professors and graduate students have had to so many aspects of Jainism have been such that our understanding and appreciation of Jain studies has been deepened and broadened beyond what I thought was possible.
Prof. Hope Fitz ( Class of 2006)

We all marvel at your skills in “managing” situations and people.
Prof. Anne Vallely ( Class of 2006)

The scholarship & traveling have been incredible. My work is forever changed. Andrea Jain, Rice University (class 2006) The ISSJS has been a pivotal life experience for me. The contemporary Jains are providing a much needed catalyst for the memory of true peace and an action plan that is tangible. I am truly grateful for the connection and continued journey of spiritual knowledge.
Kathleen AwaHoshi Kavan (class 2007)

I can't begin to explain my gratitude for all the knowledge I gained about the Jain community. The education your school provided is incomparable to any school found in the U.S. Now I am applying for graduate school to further my understanding of Indian religions. I can't express how much gratitude I have for the knowledge and unforgettable experiences I have gained from ISSJS.
Holly Pamarthi (class 2007)

What a memorable experience this has been. Many things have happened. I will never forget the knowledge I have gained, the experiences I have had and the friends that I have made are truly truly memorable.
Zacahry Schraeder (class 2007)