To encourage scholarship in academic studies of Jainism to be of international standards, ISJS proposes to institute Bhagwan Kunthunath annual award for the best book published.


  • The award will be given for the book on Jain philosophy/culture/history/ ethics and their applications in today’s world.
  • The prize/award money is INR 1,00,000.00 or equivalent to US$.
  • The award will carry a citation. The award and awardees’ names will be published widely.
  • The awards will be presented online with a befitting and proper ceremony of physically honouring the recipient by a nominee of ISJS, at their locations.


  • The subject of books should be related to Jainism and its applications to subjects like lifestyle, administration, interfaith dialogue, science and technology, medicine, environment, culture, pressing issues like epidemics, bioethics, judiciary, education, etc.
  • The language of the publications should be English.
  • Books published in 2023 will be eligible.
  • The nominations for awards can be made by the institutions or the authors themselves. However, members of the selection committee cannot make their own nominations directly or indirectly for the award.
  • The Selection Committee will consist of four to seven members of “high repute and integrity globally”. Each member will be nominated for a term of three years which can also be extended further for two more terms.


  • A book with exceptional scholarship must either (a) make a new and original contribution to the knowledge of Jain traditions or (b) be a clear and accessible textbook on or overview of Jain traditions to promote knowledge of Jain thought and practice to students and to the general public.
  • Though it is not a requirement, preference will be shown to books which apply Jain principles to contemporary issues (ecological issues, ethical behavior toward both human and non-human life, inter-religious conflict, conflicts between religion and science, gender issues, and so on).


  • For the first award, the date for submission of nomination will be June 30, 2024.
  • Selection announced by September 30, 2024.



Applicant needs to submit Two (02) printed copies & PDF format through email to:

Dr. Shugan C. Jain
President, International School For Jain Studies
D-28, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi – 110 017
E-mail: (for PDF format)

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