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JAINISM AND THE ENVIRONMENT Conference The University of North Texas is having a one-day conference on Jainism and the Environment on April 14th, 2018 in Denton, Texas, USA. Click Here for details Session One: Jainism, Environmental History, and Built Environments Session Two: Jainism and Ecology Revisited Session Three: Jainism and the Global Environment Keynote Speaker: Chris Chapple This is a free conference, but space is limited. Please reserve your ticket through Eventbrite.
We see diversities in all walks of life around us. In the process of understanding these diversities, so many questions arise in our mind and one of the important questions is as how our life is regulated. Are we regulated by destiny or niyati or prārabdha? Or we are regulated by our own free will (puruṣārtha)....Click here to continue reading
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Soft cover, 329 pages published by International School for Jain Studies. Price Rs 750 /US$ 55 including postage. Gandhi is considered to be an apostle of Ahimsa. He was unique in the sense that he understood the doctrine of Ahimsa in minute details as described in Indic religions primarily for spiritual purification but applied the same for personal, social uplift as well as to liberate India from mighty British. He claimed himself to be Vaishnava Hindu and later an untouchable. He...
Soft cover, 79 pages published by International School for Jain Studies. Price Rs 150 /US$ 10 Jainism is one of the oldest religions of India. Jainism emphasizes self effort to achieve any short or long term objective one has. It emphasizes the existence of independent soul in each living being which tries to achieve the supreme soul status i.e. state of bliss and pure knowledge. Karmas are the impurities attached to the soul which makes it drift away from its nature and hence is the cause...