Meeting with Dr. B.H. Jain
Lecture by Dr. Shugan Jain at VCU
2015-6W, Yoga and TFP group
ISSJS.2015 (4W & 6W)
2015-Jain Yoga


We are happy to announce the commencement of five ISSJS programs as listed below from June 5th 2016 till July 30th. Record 90 participants from six countries will be attending these programs. Prof. Nalini Balbir of University of Paris will be the expert overseas faculty spending a week teaching Jain metaphysics. Besides these programs, ISJS is also organizing guest faculty lectures and a special participants-community get together cum cultural extravaganza during the programs. Details follow:

    A. The Five Programs:

    1. ISSJS.2016-4W (June 12th – July 10th, 2016):
    19 Participants from universities of USA, Canada, and are attending this beginner’s program.
    2. ISSJS.2016-6W (June 5th – July 14th, 2016):
    8 Participants including three faculty members are attending this advanced program in history, philosophy, culture and ethics of Jainism.
    3. ISSJS.2016-Yoga (June 26th – July 16th, 2016):
    20 participants including 16 from MA (Yoga) students of LMU are attending this program.
    4. ISSJS.2016-Teaching for Peace (July 1st – 21st, 2016):
    32 high school teachers from USA, Canada are attending this program aimed at exploring doctrine, practice and benefits of Ahimsa in high schools to enhance peace and learning of the students.
    5. Dharmik Studies program (July 9th – July 30th 2016):
    11 high school teachers will attend this program of the four Indian Dharmik traditions sponsored by Uberoi Foundation, USA and conducted by Prof. Balram Singh of Institute of Advanced Sciences.

    B. Guest lecturers for community and academicians at India International Centre (IIC), Delhi. These lectures are cosponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, (ICPR) Delhi

    1. Jain encounters and manuscripts in Europe by Prof. Nalini Balbir form University of Paris, France on June 16th at 05:30 P.M.
    2. Jain Yoga and its reciprocity with Hindu Yoga by Prof. Christopher Chapple form Loyola Marymount University, USA on June 28th at 05:30 P.M.

    C. Cultural Meet Participants and Jain Community and Jain academicians on July 10th 2016, 10:00 A.M-13:00 P.M at India International Centre, Delhi