Dashlakshan Parva Day 2: Humility


Today is the second day of Dashlakshan parva. The first yesterday was forgiveness.

The second virtue i.e. today is Humility, or to avoid/minimize arrogance /ego and to keep our heart soft, humble, courteous and tolerant. Without humility you cannot learn anything from others as you consider yourself superior to everyone. Humility is based on the principle that all are equal in one way or the other.

We live in the fast food culture. So, we want everything fast. We wish to move up in our profession fast at jet speed. Some do succeed also. Let us look at two very intelligent persons in a company. Both are equally smart and hard working as well. However, the one who practices humility, moves faster in the profession than the other. Why? ‘Pride/arrogance results in disgrace; but with humility comes wisdom, the ability to get along and win other’s good wishes.’ Humility is everyone’s key inherent value which is manifold; like to be humble, to be modest and not brag, to be disciplined, to show respect or pay reverence to others. Let us remember, Patronage/support/love/blessings are always earned and never given automatically. To be humble, is a virtue which is self-imposed as it is the inherent nature of our soul.

To achieve our goal, we have to interact with people in the form of a guru, family, colleagues and seniors, customers and suppliers, government, friends and so on to gain their patronage/support. Suppose you have a competitor with similar product and selling at the same price. With whom would prefer to interact? Naturally the one who practices humility.

Let us now see how it is practiced in different life situations:

In the family: To respect elders, to observe discipline and family values, to be considerate with youngsters in sharing and guiding.
In School/college: Do not to be arrogant (Bully), Observe discipline concerning studies, outside classroom activities and show respect to teachers. Be considerate with your classroom friends.
Pay veneration to God, your gurus so that you can learn the spiritual and moral values to be happy.
Dealing with Society, government: Observe discipline (adherence) to the rules and norms.
Lifestyle: Humility and discipline, are the most important life style practices for success and happiness. To greet an elder or a guest with folded hands and bending forwards is a typical application of humility. When we do so, the guest or the person will always bless you, no matter how angry he is. Humility also encourages us to work harder by accepting the difference between us and our mentor/ development goal. Disciple encourages us to be careful about attitudes and activities so that we do not drift away from the established / prescribed code of conduct. It directs us to observe our duties and avoid the reprimand from others for our laziness and carelessness. On the contrary, we see even the rich or powerful people who are devoid of humility, ultimately become lonely and unhappy. Such persons build a ring of ego around them so that others stay away from them.